Friday 17 March 2017

Belfast Ginger Ale [Episode #230]

I was so excited about today’s St. Patrick’s episode of Jack and Dylon’s Daily Video Podcast featuring Ross’s Royal Belfast Ginger Ale that I was literally dreaming about it last night. Still not sure about the real meaning of this and similar incongruous postcards that we’ve discovered. Sometimes I wonder if the stranger messages aren’t some kind of super clever plain sight code or cipher?

Meanwhile, as the name implies the Meeting of the waters is where Killarney's famous lakes converge. The Upper lake, Middle Lake and Lower Lake all come together at this beautiful spot. It is a little haven of tranquility and can only be reached by foot or bicycle. Also found in this area are Dinis cottage and "The Old Weir Bridge".

Also, “The great popularity of the Belfast ginger ale is principally due to its fine aroma. All carbonators strive to imitate it as closely as possible, but it is an unfortunate fact, however, that a great deal of American ginger ale is "miserable stuff," in many instances nothing more than sweetened water.” From the book "A Treatise On Beverages or The Complete Practical Bottler", by Charles Herman Sulz.

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