Friday 10 March 2017

Geek Gamer Author [Episode #223]

It has been 223 hard-fought episodes and I'm finally feeling that my editing ability has grown appreciably along with our modest daily podcast. A process that has been much like learning to juggle from scratch to finally reaching the point where you're confident juggling live pythons. At least in terms of controlling the trajectory of static objects as opposed to the complications of editing this living POV video. Anyhow, the other day Dad surprised me with a truly unique work of art based on my various exploits created from bits and pieces of junk that I had been unwittingly supplying. What I love about this art is that creates something beautiful and though provoking out of essentially nothing. Or as I've heard Jack Whyte​ say, "Give the garbage to the artists." And I'm inclined to agree. According to the Artist, more than an homage, mirage or mere mirror image this type of assemblage collage is capable of capturing viewers souls. Reputably the artist himself remains immune to this effect.

I don't know if this episode really captures the meaningfulness of this story to us. Dad says that he's been creating assemblages for as long as he can remember, our video making goes back to the early 1980's and his interest in time art predates the 60's. So the depth of good memories is immense for us both just documenting this artistic experience of otherwise worthless and unrelated objects via modern independent film-making.

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