Monday 3 April 2017

Making Funny Faces [Episode #246]

Hi, It's Dylon Whyte, co-host, creator and technical director of Jack and Dylon's Daily Video Podcast. It's been a very busy week at Whytes HQ as we reached our end of March deadline with at least another couple of weeks of preparing remaining before submitting our 2017 Manitoulin Colouring Book for it's first print test. Not to mention attempting to document our creation process with our videos, like today's episode #246 entitled "Making Funny Faces" which basically distills my last 4 days of illustration into a jaunty 2 minute music video. I haven't felt much progress in the process, but yesterday Jack Whyte explained that what he was teaching me was about more than any imparting any specific technique, such as drawing illustrations for colouring and more about imparting a thought process regarding creation itself. He said (and I'm paraphrasing at the end of a very long day waiting for the hydro to resume before even beginning today's editing/distillation process) "Simply knowing when to walk away from a work of art is more valuable than any other artistic skill I could teach you." Which I find myself appreciating as today's episode is rendering and I find myself thinking about the digital editing process in terms of what was once the physical trimming and gluing film stock. Plus! More in-the-wild footage of an authentic artist in their natural environment!

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